Neo Rococo Sconces and Chandeliers

We here at Vintage Hardware Lighting know two constants in the world: a need for light and the facination with beauty in many diffrent forms. For us, that beauty is represented through our astounding recreations of antique pieces that are both true to form and practical. Specifically, these fixtures about to be showcased are remade … [Read more…]

Victorian Chandelier – Neo Rococo Cornelius 6 Light Circa 1840

                                                                                                                         Not since 1840 has a magnificent Gasolier like this one been made.  No expense was spared in its recreation.  It's difficult to describe because it's so loaded and dripping with design and figures that it challenges description.  But we'll try:  Faces on the arms & shade fitters & gas keys & chain holders. … [Read more…]

Rococo Lighting in the Lincoln Movie

The new movie about Abraham Lincoln has already been praised as one of the best movies of 2012. Produced in conjunction with Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox – the historic film stars Daniel Day Lewis in the role as President Lincoln, and is directed by Steven Spielberg. With this movie, Spielberg successfully finds a balance between … [Read more…]

Vintage Decorative Plaster Ceiling Medallions

Early plaster artisans applied plaster directly to walls & ceilings, for an ideal sculpting & painting surface. In 1856 France, Desachy took out a patent "for producing architectural moldings" from plaster. Castings made off-site were much more affordable. Our plaster ceiling medallions are hand-crafted in Port Townsend, WA, from exquisitely detailed molds. We use "pottery … [Read more…]

Vintage Antique Reproduction Cupid or Cherub Lights

  Normally we only recreate antique American lighting , but when something this unique comes along we simply cannot resist reproducing it. This is a reproduction of an early 20th century French 9-light chandelier. The cupids give a nice active fluidity to the fixture, and have very sweet faces. This fixture weighs in at an … [Read more…]

Neo-Rococo Early Victorian Gas Chandelier

                    You've never seen anything like it!  This large Victorian Rococo Chandelier  is our newest neo-rococo creation from the Mid‑Victorian gasolier era. Early American Rococo gas lighting fixtures are very rare nowadays. There are only 5 catalogs that are known to have existed between 1840 and 1870. We have been fortunate enough to to find no less … [Read more…]