Neo Rococo Sconces and Chandeliers

We here at Vintage Hardware Lighting know two constants in the world: a need for light and the facination with beauty in many diffrent forms. For us, that beauty is represented through our astounding recreations of antique pieces that are both true to form and practical. Specifically, these fixtures about to be showcased are remade … [Read more…]

Victorian Chandelier – Neo Rococo Cornelius 6 Light Circa 1840

                                                                                                                         Not since 1840 has a magnificent Gasolier like this one been made.  No expense was spared in its recreation.  It's difficult to describe because it's so loaded and dripping with design and figures that it challenges description.  But we'll try:  Faces on the arms & shade fitters & gas keys & chain holders. … [Read more…]