Neo Rococo Sconces and Chandeliers

We here at Vintage Hardware Lighting know two constants in the world: a need for light and the facination with beauty in many diffrent forms. For us, that beauty is represented through our astounding recreations of antique pieces that are both true to form and practical. Specifically, these fixtures about to be showcased are remade from the Neo Rococo and Rococo styles. Separate, these fixtures are a beauty to see, but when used together they can set the entire mood of a room.

Pictured below are the Victorian Neo Rococo and Circa Rococo sconces. Starting on the left, the Circa Rococo is a Gaslight sconce that has it's own unique flair. From the back, and following along the arm to the base is a beautiful sweeping grapevine that seems to blossom out into the rest of the sconce and a cluster of metallic grapes attached at the base where the shade is held. Even the shade itself screams elegant, being topped with the equivalent of a crown giving the whole piece a much more regal feel. Originally thought to be made by Hooper Circa, this piece on it's own can set the Victorian style of a room, house, or buisness, but does so best when paired with one of our Rococo chandeliers which will be showcased later on.

Next to it on the right we have our Neo Rococo Victorian gaslight sconce. Out of all the Neo Rococo sconces that we have, this one was by far the hardest to find and prepare for reproduction given that only 5 total catalogues ever featured it. We were able to get our hands on exactly 8 completed works, and from there it was just a matter of recasting. Heavier than most, this piece is made out of solid brass,  and seemingly flows from the back wallmount all the way to the base of the shade. It's design is just so unique for sconces, taking a much more three dimentional approach, as it projects an incredible seventeen and a half inches out from the wall!

Switching gears for a second, let's move on to some complimentary chandeliers for those wonderful sconces we've discussed so much already! Below is a composite image of just a few of our Rococo style chandeliers since they all work well with the aformentioned sconces, but we will go into greater detail about each piece individually later on. Rococo just has that certain air to it that emphasises formality and grace, and these works of art do just that!

Starting from the top right and working our way counter-clockwise, we have the Gaslight New Rococo Grape chandelier that fits together oh-so perfectly with it's counterpart Gaslight Rococo sconce. Everything about it just oozes Rococo from every grape and leaf pattern set into it. Bunches of grapes just drip from it at almost every concievable and open space at the bottom. Combining the two fixtures together really exemplifies the grape and leaf pattern that both have on display. Many people enjoy contrasts between light and dark, but to find two lighting fixtures that are similarly patterned and provide such contrast is second to none.

Up next is the Allegorical Neo Rococo Victorian chandelier that easily wins top marks when it comes to darkened antiques. Across the entire piece one can find striking faces of conquistadors, and the easy to spot identical trio of boys that are leaning up against the ceiling rod, thought to be a god of harvest since he is holding grain in his right hand. Overall, this chandelier would go well specifically with any of our darker sconces in the Rococo style, but can still be used to great effect next to the Star-Fellows 1 Arm if you're a fan of light and dark contrasts.

Bringing things to a close on today's showcase is the Neo Rococo 4-Light Star Fellows chandelier by Circa. If you wanted a smaller fixture to put in a bedroom or home, this is the piece for you. It retains all of the grace from the Rococo style, but keeps the fixture managable at 30' minimum height. Sprawling out from the center are the four shade arms, with the middle having a snowflake-like pattern. When used in conjunction with the two arm version of the Star Fellows sconce pictured earlier, it gives off an interesting "Winter Wonderland" feel. Whether matching up hardware to make a thematic room, or just looking to add a bit of elegance with a single fixture, Neo Rococo is sure to provide what you're looking for in spades.

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